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Cat Boxes

Choose from our large range of Cat Boxes.


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Rabbit Hutches

Choose from our large range of Rabbit, Guinea Pig & Ferret Hutches.

Happy Hutch Experts in Quality Animal Housing

Rabbit Hutches - Dog Kennels
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UK-Based Manufacturer

Whether its a rabbit hutch, rabbit run, chicken coop, cat kennel, dog kennel, ferret hutch, guinea pig hutch, tortoise shelter, or any other pet home here at Happyhutch.co.uk, we are sure you will find it on our web site. 

We believe in giving a 100% friendly and reliable service to all of our customers; along with supplying quality products, made out of quality materials, all at affordable prices. Add to this that the majority of our products are made in HULL East Yorkshire UK, making us very proud to serve you with a genuine English product. We now also sell some good quality products from china, offering even more value for any budget.

Rabbit HutchesHappyhutch rabbit hutches provide top quality living space for your rabbit, with the choice of one, two or three storey rabbit hutches some with runs in front or with runs underneath or even both. We sell some of the biggest hutches in the UK, our rabbit hutches are safe and weather proofed, a cozy place your pets can call home.

All wood is pre-treated against the English elements and the outdoor hutches have the best quality roofing felt for durability and the wire we use is 19g 1 inch x 1/2 inch. Your rabbit needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy so have a look at our rabbit runs which are fully collapsible and can be folded up and kept out of  the way when not in use.  Make sure the hutch or rabbit run you buy has plenty of space for them to run about in safely and happily. 

Thank you for visiting our web site we hope you enjoy our vast range of products and find the size and product you are looking for. Iif by some chance you dont please phone our office 01482 214 744 we will try and help fulfil what you are looking for.

We aim to have all orders ready within 10 to 15 working days.

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